dances with flowers

because life is a garden, and compost happens

Welcome! April 30, 2009

Sisters and Best Friends

Sisters and Best Friends

We’re sisters.
We’re both gardeners, but Jen’s a fanatic. Judi’s a florist.
Jen is Joey’s mom but he should be Judi’s because he’s just like her.
We both have way too much stuff because we really really like stuff but we need to not let our stuff rule our lives any more, and we talk about doing something about it – alot.
We’ve shared cats and houses and a dog and one of us has worked for the other (ack) and some of this has worked really well and some of it kind of hasn’t, so we thought, “Why not try a blog?” So one of us came up with this really cool name and the other one was jealous but it’s all good because we both really do ‘dance with flowers’…

Want to know more about Jen theObsessiveGardener?  

Or about Judi theFloristExtraordinaire?


2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. What a great blog! I am jealous of your name as well because it describes ME too! But I never would have thought of it anyway. Thanks for starting such a wonderful place to visit:)

  2. You’re welcome, Laurie! And thank you for saying all that nice stuff before I even had a chance to bribe you!!!

    Your name is great, too. I had a really hard time coming up with a name because my mom always called me “jennywren” growing up, and that’s just how I thought of myself. Years ago (before blogs) when I started an online quilting guild called QuiltSwappers, my email was “Jennywren”.

    Since then, however, I’ve been offline for five whole sad, lonely years (lol), and a million other people have grabbed every possible variation of MY nickname! So I faced quite a challenge for awhile until this just woke me up one night…

    Please come back often – I need people to play with!!

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