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Nursery Review: Sequim Rare Plants May 18, 2009

Sequim Rare Plants
500 N. Sequim Avenue
Sequim WA 98382

Owner: Roger Pierce

Mail-order only: Orders may be placed by email; snail mail; website; or telephone

Transactions completed to date: 1

Overall satisfaction: I couldn’t have been more delighted!

Will I purchase from this nursery again? Absolutely

Owner Roger Pierce handled my order with sterling customer service from the very beginning. He communicated via email when a concern came up about my shipping address, let me know when they expected to ship, and then let me know when they did ship. And when the plants arrived, not only were they well-grown and in terrific condition.

  • Communication: Stellar
  • Website: Loads quickly. There are no broken links or dead pages. The shopping cart works well.
  • Horticultural information: Accurate and useable by the entire spectrum of gardeners. Botanical names are listed correctly (a particular peeve of mine).
  • Prices: Very affordable.
  • Selection: Not huge, but many of the plants are hard to find or only available from this source at this time.
3 trowels rating

3 trowels rating

You just can’t get better than this! I highly recommend this nursery.

Three trowels up on the Dances with Flowers Nursery Review scale!


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