dances with flowers

because life is a garden, and compost happens

Things That Fascinate Me June 13, 2009

I am totally fascinated by:

  • chickens, banties, guinea hens, peafowl, and geese (please notice that ducks are not included)
  • wrens, corvids, hummers, herons
  • bugs/birds/animals/natural things
  • mushrooms, algae, lichen, coral and other mutualistic symbiotes
  • mollusks such as nudibranchs and a new fascination for me, snails
  • jellies
  • octopuses, squid and other cephalopods
  • gardening and plants and growing things
  • leaves and bark
  • old roses, species begonias, jewel orchids,
  • my garden
  • the world’s strangest garden – which happens to be just down the road
  • buttons, polkadots, globes, circular things, squircular things
  • spray paint
  • cobalt blue bottles – whether or not they’re growing on trees
  • house-shaped things
  • old things
  • things that just look old
  • books of almost every kind
  • A-B-C-Daries aka Alphabet Books (a combination of a book and a list – what’s not to like?)
  • lists
  • mirrors, mercury glass, sterling, crystals, rhinestones and other shiny things
  • rocks
  • Mozart and other Baroque composers, Pachabel’s Canon, Celtic music, bagpipes
  • Louis XIV furniture,  chinoiserie, gilt frames, Euro trash decor
  • ikats and suzanis and folk embroidery and fibrearts of all kinds
  • real velvet, damask, linen, dotted swiss, tulle, antique lace, toile
  • re-making sad clothes
  • pearls
  • bubble baths
  • ice cream, See’s rum nougats, amaretti, biscotti, ginger snaps, tirimisu, flan
  • my son
  • living in a beach town
  • walking on the beach – when it’s cool
  • clocks
  • duck egg blue – pink – red
  • vintage tins especially blue ones
  • bells
  • old flat suitcases
  • Cabinets of Curiosity
  • tea towels
  • crochet-covered tree trunks
  • fog, thunderstorms, rain on the roof
  • my cats – but not the neighbors’
  • old dogs
  • making art dolls – collecting art dolls
  • this whole plushy/monster/zombie thing that’s currently rocking the net
  • frozen Charlottes
  • collage and paper arts
  • good humor, kindness, warmth, generosity

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