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Jen’s Thrifting List May 17, 2009

Do you like to shop at yard sales and thrift shops? I love the thrill of the hunt! And nowadays it’s become more important than ever to stretch the budget as far as possible…
In addition to all the practical stuff, here are some of the fun things I’m looking for, either for fun or to help me make goodies for my Etsy shop:

  • a dressmaking form
  • globes
  • printers’ type trays and wooden type
  • wooden or iron shoe lasts aka shoe forms
  • children’s ice skates/roller skates (really small)
  • enamel plates and shallow bowls
  • round wind-up alarm clocks
  • silverplate/hotel silver utensils
  • chandeliers/sconces
  • mirrors of almost any kind, even if they’re “foxed” (silver wearing off)
  • leatherbound books, even if they’re falling apart, as long as they’re not mildewed
  • floral oil paintings, especially by amateurs/hobbyists
  • sewing notions of all sorts, but especially darning eggs and measuring tapes
  • old leather coin purses, the kind men used to carry in their pockets
  • frozen Charlottes or other small porcelain dolls
  • rulers, yardsticks, measuring tapes (metal and cloth)
  • old flat-sided suitcases
  • Jewelry: charm bracelets; individual charms; crackerjack box charms; costume jewelry; junk jewelry; broken jewelry; vintage rosaries; religious medals; orphaned earrings; brooches; bangles; rhinestones
  • Paper goods (virtually anything prior to 1960): old passports; grocery lists; ledger sheets; purchase receipts; savings stamps such as Blue Chip stamps; postcards; personal or business letters; report cards; greeting cards; ration cards/coupons; Valentine cards; wallpaper; passports; visas; suitcase stickers; travel itineraries; bingo cards; flash cards; computer punch cards; price tags; ID tags; sale tags; schoolroom maps and charts; marine and aereo navigation charts/nautical charts

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