dances with flowers

because life is a garden, and compost happens

About Jen April 30, 2009

Like many other crazy-obsessive Latin-spouting still-weeding-at-midnight gardening addicts, I can never get enough chlorophyllicious fun, so I thought it would be fun to blog about it. That way we can play garden together when it’s too cold out, or too early in the morning, or when we can’t leave the house because our four-year-olds might paint everything (including the dog) bright blue while they’re supposed to be napping…

Uh, in the interests of full disclosure, I should probably mention some of my other obsessions… I don’t want you to think I’m one-dimensional or a fanatic. Don’t worry, there aren’t many, just:

  • thrifting & yard-sale-ing
  • sewing, especially art quilts and remaking sad clothes
  • duck-egg blue
  • tiramisu, mocha almond fudge ice cream, and See’s rum nougat chocolates
  • collage & mixed-media art
  • home decor
  • books/reading/old books/children’s books/foreign books/gardening books/or books about anything else I’m interested in
  • chickens
  • maps, any map, but especially old maps
  • spheres
  • globes (hey, I can combine maps and spheres, woohoo, what’s not to love!)
  • the fairies who infest my garden
  • Celtic music (the more wildly the bagpipes skirl and the flutes swirl, and the drums make my blood dance, the more I want to raise my arms and let the howling wind carry me away)
  • pearls (any shape, size, or color, they’re all meant to be mine)
  • odd or particularly musical words or just plain ridiculous names or phrases (I keep lists…)
  •  baby shoes 
  • cuckoo clocks
  • polka dots
  • anything pink

That’s it. Really. Uh, except I forgot:

  • hot air balloons
  • corvids
  • the various Cabinets of Curiosities I’m working on
  • rocks

Okay, now that’s it. Mostly. You won’t mind too much if we talk about, er, well, shoes, once in awhile, right? And, um, sisters? And the dire necessity for a margarita now and then? And how the one leads directly to the other? I mean, as long as you’re cool with that, we can just forget about the rest of it and cut straight to the important things. Pass the salt…


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